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Creator Corner: Kevin Konrad Hanna on Drawing Monsters

March 14, 2021
Mike Mignola forever altered our relationship with comics. We don't think we're alone in that matter. Clearly not--all one needs to do is look at the recent success of the "Drawing Monsters" Kickstarter. People love Mignola, and more importantly, they want to know more about him.
We return to the Creator Corner with documentarian Kevin Konrad Hanna, discussing why he and his co-director Jim Demonakos were compelled to put Mignola's saga on screen and why Kickstarter was the only means to make it happen. Full disclosure: we've already backed this film. The second we saw it hit Twitter, we were all over it. This film's success might mean more comic book documentaries of this nature, and the world needs more comic book documentaries.
Make sure to visit the "Drawing Monsters" Kickstarter page HERE. And you can find the doc on Twitter HERE. You can also track down Kevin on Twitter HERE, and Instagram HERE. If you want to keep that Drawing Monsters mania going, find Jim Demonakos on Twitter HERE, and Instagram HERE.
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