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CBCC Creator Corner: Cuddles and Rage on ‘Bites of Terror’ Part II

March 24, 2020

You're invited to our first-ever crossover event with the ITMODChatCast gang (a.k.a. our other podcast) as we delve further into the creative and romantic partnership of Liz Reed & Jimmy Reed, the fiendishly brilliant cartoonists who collaborate as Cuddles and Rage. Their new graphic novel, "Bites of Terror," hits bookstores today, and we believe you will want to devour this comic asap. Not for nothing, but both Brad and Lisa appear in some form within its ghoulish contents.

"Bites of Terror" is an anthology graphic novel that mixes the spirit of Tales from the Crypt with the tastiest of treats straight outta your kitchen. Cuddles and Rage are masters of blending the evil with the sweet, and while every story is suitable for all ages, the adults in the crowd may get an extra special snap with every delightfully demented tale.

If you want to hear part one of this conversation, do so by clicking HERE.

Be sure to follow Liz & Jimmy on most social medias @cuddlesandrage, and you can find "Bites of Terror for purchase just by clicking HERE. You can follow CBCC on Instagram & Twitter (& maybe TikTok one day) @CBCCPodcast, and you can follow the hosts @MouthDork & @sidewalksiren.

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