Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC Bonus Episode 7: The Jason Mewes Interview

August 1, 2019

Back from the San Diego Comic-Con International, we're bringing you an extra special bonus episode. Partnering with the itmodchatcast podcast and Film School Rejects, we spoke to Jason Mewes about his new directorial debut "Madness in the Method" due in theaters and VOD on August 2nd. The chattier side of Jay & Silent Bob, Mewes creates a meta-comedy-commentary about his struggles with typecasting and the mad lengths he's willing to go to break free. Featuring a slew of cameos from the likes of Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Vinnie Jones, Dean Cain, and Casper Van Dien, "Madness in the Method" is an essential watch for View Askewniverse fans. At the same time, this conversation is a delightfully nerdy one and reveals Mewes to be a comic book geek after our hearts. Much love, Jay.

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