Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC Bonus Episode 4: The Overlook Film Festival & Creature from the Black Lagoon

June 5, 2019

This week we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you another special road trip edition of CBCC. While Lisa was busy bringing home the bacon, Brad ventured down to New Orleans to partake in the Overlook Film Festival where he saw a bunch of rad horror movies and spoke to several incredible filmmakers like Mick Garris and Larry Fessenden. Podcasting trapped inside a car on the freeway, Brad is joined by special guest William Dass of the In the Mouth of Dorkness and Bill & Clair's Excellent Adventures podcasts to discuss their experiences down south as well as chime in regarding the classic graphic novel adaptation of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" written by Steve Moncuse and illustrated by Art Adams.

Be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @CBCCPodcast, and follow the hosts @MouthDork, @sidewalksiren, & @WBDass. Next week, we'll return to our conversation surrounding Arthur & Mera as we discuss "Aquaman: The Drowning."

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