Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC Bonus Episode 1: Scott Free & Big Barda - Mister Miracle

December 29, 2018

"Is he a master of spectacular trickery -- or is he something more? -- You will have to decide when you confront the strangest, most incredible hero to ever appear in comics!" Brad & Lisa close out 2018 with a special bonus episode focusing on one of the year's best comic books - Mister Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerads. This limited series was the talk of the town this past year, and for good reason.

We meet heroes Scott Free and Big Barda at a crossroads in their lives, and we cry and cheer with them as they wage war against the powers of New Genesis and Apokolips. King and Gerads use one of the most underrated power couples in comics to tell a deeply personal story that is less about continuity and meta commentary (although there is plenty of that to be found here) and more about the everyday battles we wage to find ourselves in the eyes of our partners. Darkseid is...

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