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CBCC 71: Dinah & Ollie - Justice League of America

September 4, 2021

Some couples have bumpy starts, but Dinah Drake Lance and Oliver Queen put anyone's awkward first encounters to shame. Hailing from two separate universes and with one dead husband lying between them, Black Canary and Green Arrow require some serious me-time before securing their romantic solidarity, but that doesn't stop Ollie from making his move while poor Larry Lance is barely cold in the ground.

We begin our four-episode series investigating the Black Canary/Green Arrow romance by exploring their "meet-cute," which is anything but. Writer Denny O'Neil transformed the two golden-age backup blahs into two bronze-age must-haves, elevating their interior lives into grand adventures equally as compelling as any supervillain fist-fight.

Aiding our understanding of Dinah and Ollie's cumbersome bond is our new love expert, Megan Lundgren, and her self-help guide, Relationship Book for New Couples: Proven Strategies to Nurture Your Connection and Build a Long Lasting Bond.

Issues covered in this episode: Justice League of America 74 - 75 and 78 - 79, published by DC Comics between September 1969 - March 1970, as well as Green Lantern/Green Arrow 78 published in July of 1970.

All the comics are written by the late great Denny O’Neil, and they’re penciled by Dick Dillin and Neal Adams, inked by Sid Greene, Joe Giella, and Frank Giacoia, and lettered by John Costanza.

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