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CBCC 53: Dawn & Norrin - A Power Greater Than Cosmic

October 1, 2020

Anywhere & Everywhere - Hang On! Our month-long conversation surrounding Dawn Greenwood & Norrin Radd must finally come to a close with this epic discussion regarding "Silver Surfer: A Power Greater Than Cosmic." We have covered many couples on this show, but few as important to our relationship growth as these two. Grab your tissues, things get emotional this week.

What does it mean to love another person? With such passion must come as much pain as pleasure, and this week, we attempt to answer whether the highs make up for the inevitable lows. Using Stephanie Barron Hall's "The Enneagram in Love," we navigate the spaceways and determine exactly how Dawn complements Norrin and vice versa.

Issues covered this week: "Silver Surfer" Volume 8, issues 7 - 14, written by Dan Slott, illustrated by Michael Allred, colored by Laura Allred, and lettered by Joe Sabino.

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