Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC 30: Suzie & Jon - Sex Criminals Vol. 2 & Vol. 3

September 9, 2019

Jon & Suzie. They have sex. And time stops. Literally. And when time stops, they rob banks...kinda. This week, we continue our conversation surrounding Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky's bestselling Image Comics series and discover a philosophical wonder we did not realize how much we needed in our lives. "Sex Criminals" is more than vagina and penis jokes; the comic is a new way of life we should all follow. Join us as we use Esther Perel's "Mating in Captivity" to understand humanity's hangups with an essential biological process, and guide our thoughts regarding a new favorite comic book couple. We're cramming two volumes of the comic into our show this week so that we can consume all available narrative before jumping ships next month.

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