Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC 28: Peter & Mary Jane - Red-Headed Stranger

August 11, 2019

After a year-long absence, Mary Jane Watson returns to the life of Peter Parker as a "Red-Headed Stranger." This week we conclude our Spider-Man series by exploring the diabolical nature of Dr. Alexander Avila's "LoveTypes" and how his dating system would be absolutely deadly in the hands of The Chameleon.  We've deeply enjoyed discussing the romantic turmoil of Peter and M.J., and it breaks our heart to leave them apart in "Brand New Day," but we see cupid's arrow cresting the horizon. Is their love cosmically pure as the dark demon Mephisto suggested, or should Peter enjoy the many fish in the ocean? We come to a serious conclusion as we say good-bye to New York City's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

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