Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast

CBCC 2: Scott & Jean - X-Factor

December 7, 2018

One Triumphant Return, One Diabolical Debut! In the second episode of the Comic Book Couples Counseling podcast, Brad & Lisa jump from "The Dark Phoenix Saga" to the first, official X-Men spin-off series "X-Factor." Six years have passed since the death of Jean Grey, and suddenly she's back to wreak havoc in the heart of Scott Summers. Oh, and you can't forget that Scott has married another women and they have a sweet, baby boy that will one-day grow up into the X-Force badass and general thorn in Deadpool's side, Cable.

Using Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages," Brad & Lisa attempt to work through the myriad hiccups that present themselves in the first six issues of "X-Factor." The real question is whether or not Brad will remain a virulent supporter of Cyclops after this episode because, boy on boy, does the supposed mutant leader act like quite the jerk. Maybe Marvel Girl should ditch this guy and get with Wolverine?

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