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CBCC ChatCast Advance Preview: Joe Kelly on ‘I Kill Giants’

October 14, 2019

This week we're bringing our CBCC listeners an Advanced Preview of the ITMODChatCast Interview with comic book scribe and screenwriter Joe Kelly. We had the great pleasure of hosting a special screening of his film "I Kill Giants" at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia. Based on the Image Comics graphic novel of the same name, done in collaboration with artist JM Ken Niimura, "I Kill Giants" is a fantastical exploration of grief as experienced through the eyes of a rather angry young girl. As we discuss with the author, Kelly was compelled to put this story to paper shortly after the birth of his daughter, and in the writing of the comic script, a second compulsion took over - "I Kill Giants" should be a movie as well. In a rare burst of creativity, Kelly was working on the comic and the screenplay at the very same time, but it would take years for the film to be realized. Now "I Kill Giants" is readily available to both the reader and the viewer, and while they both travel the same narrative, the two works are uniquely their own beings.

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